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Tony Bomboni is an ASMR Artist content creator on Youtube with a large family called his “Poopsies”. He has been making relaxation videos for years and passionately filming Youtube videos for over a decade. His work has spanned wide and far and has reached and helped thousands of people get a good night’s sleep and forget about their worries. But it didn't come easy, and came with a price.

Tony (Antonio) was born September 1994 in Chicago, Illinois. His family he grew up with consisted of his mother and father, and older brother named Daniel. Him and his brother are first generation born in the United States from

the rest of the family, who were all born in Macedonia. Life was very challenging at the time for his parents as they had to grow accustom to the other side of the world, and raise two kids on their own. Both siblings are each incredibly unique in their own regard, and as Bomboni says himself, "two opposite sides of the same coin"! However, Tony has managed to channel some of his creative energy into his own Poopsie empire, with hundreds of thousands of followers and reaching out to millions of people globally.

As Antonio was growing up, he would often be called names and bullied in school for his imagination and for how different he was from other kids. Friends came easily in his life but those who understood who he truly was, were far and few. He claims he would often feel misunderstood, strange, out of place in this world, and an alien to society. YouTube was his only outlet at the time to express himself, share his thoughts, and reach people who could try and relate to his differences, and it worked!

Tony began experimenting with different videos on his original and first channel, whose name changed to KKTonyJ (after his first username was too long to remember). He was filming review videos of popular music videos and viral content, which never really gave him a stable audience, or full satisfaction of his true potential. He managed to acquire a video that garnered 5 million views, and that is when people began talking! The video featured Tony talking about how a music video related to his life at the time. It featured him dancing, reading from a script, and just purely being his humorous self! He did not ever expect the video to be launched into the most recommended pages. Students from his school found out about this video, and it spread through the hallways and classrooms. Laughter, admiration, and even gossip began to be directed, causing major distraction in his ability to function in school. However, Mr. Bomboni found strength through this and kept on producing video after video, focusing on the dream of becoming a successful YouTuber.

When he grew tired of producing review videos as it was no longer his passion, he began to blend some comedy into the equation, but it never really grew and people did not understand the humor. Through even this, Bomboni did not see failure and kept persisting. He had to make something happen now, or it was out of reach for a very long time to come, as college was approaching and he wanted to stray from the traditional world of garnering a degree and working a stable job. He always felt different and followed his heart and gut to make things happen for himself, no matter how much effort he had to put in to make this happen!

One very stressful day, Tony began to lose hope and faith. He was simply stressed. College was approaching, he felt trapped, and wanted to venture out and do other things. There was a strong desire and pull to do Youtube, and he felt it was the right path. On that stressful day, he witnessed a thumbnail of a woman pointing a makeup brush at the camera, and the video title was "Makeup Role-play (Softly Spoken ASMR) " by AmalZD. "What is this?" he asked himself. He hesitantly clicked and it forever changed his life. The way he connected to the ASMR Artist, Amal, and how special he felt when being pampered by her was magic in his eyes. He just knew he had to do this himself. Tony knew this was the way to get out of his stressful situation and make some major impact to people. He always wanted to help others but never knew how, until it became very clear.

Two months of watching nothing but Amal's videos, he decided to finally film a video himself. So, he sat down on the office room couch, propped up a camera stand, and hit record. The instant he began talking, it was like words just naturally came out of his mouth for the "script" of the video. It was an 8 minute introduction to his new channel, Asmrer (which is now called Tony Bomboni ASMR). Whispering felt uncomfortable at first, but a few videos later, he grew accustom to it and everything fell into place. Editing became easier with every new video and ideas for videos came quicker and quicker.

Granted, he still had to go through some University and college, but the day he knew a way out of this traditional method after high school, was when his first major TV appearance was. There was no warning or insight into what happened next as it all happened very quickly. Tony was sitting with classmates in their dormitory working on an English essay, when suddenly notifications popped up from viewers about Tosh.O. He jumped from the bed and left, knowing where his next journey would take him. He knew from that night on December 10, 2013, that he was on the right path, and to never give up on his dreams, because they would always come no matter what.

Following, media requests, and business started flowing, and he never looked back on his old life. It is all thanks to his Poopsies and family, especially Mother Bomboni, who has been helping Tony chase his dream. Every weekend in college, Mama Bomboni would drive Tony all the way back home to film videos and come all the way back in the city to his dorm, an hour away. It was thanks to his vision, commitment, dedication, and persistence that got him to where he is today, the loving people around him who understood his goal, and his vivid and (weird) imagination. Tony has been focused on other ventures, but his creative content will always stick with his audience such as the Fairy boy, caveman, puppet, alien, and numerous other characters he has created to entertain over the years. Thanks for reading.

Tony Bomboni ASMR and his dog chihuahua Paco.


Tony Bomboni
Tony Bomboni
Tony Bomboni
Tony Bomboni
Tony Bomboni
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