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Would you like to leave a donation to support this website and Tony's YouTube channels? You may do so with the Paypal button, or Cashapp above, and leave a payment of your choice! Every donation does not go unheard. Tony will send you an email thanking you for the contribution, and every dollar goes to helping support the ASMR journey, as that is Tony's main focus right now. If you are looking for other ways to contribute besides this, feel free to book a Cameo session, buy the online course, sign up for a Patreon perk, book a reiki healing, tarot reading, coffee cup, candle wax reading, or personalized ASMR video! Thanks for joining the Poopsie tribe. Much love and light to all of you.


Do you need guidance finding your way around here? Well, here is the perfect video for you! I give you a tour of my entire website and demonstrate how the booking process works, along with all of the services I provide! You also get a little relaxation at the same time :)


If you are new to this website, or the Poopsie family (as Tony calls his following), then you are probably not aware of all the features of this page or what the videos are all about! I highly recommend you watch Tony's Q&A videos which describes him in detail to a T. There are personalized ASMR videos, distant reiki healing sessions, Cameos, tarot readings, coffee cup and candle wax readings, Patreon perks, an online course, and ASMR audio albums.

There are around 2,500 videos to choose from on both ASMR and vlog channels, numerous social media to follow (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and there is always something posted to keep you constantly entertained for years more to come. Just be sure to subscribe to Tony Bomboni ASMR as well as Tony Bomboni Vlog.


If you would also like to reach out in more ways, check out the other parts of this website where you may find his email address for business/media purposes, and newsletter to sign up for and receive monthly notices about updates and special offers! Thank you for being a part of the Poopsies tribe, and we all hope you enjoy your "stay" here!


ASMR Artist Content Creator on YouTube

Asmrer, AKA Tony Bomboni ASMR, began filming Youtube videos in 2008. He first started off making simple videos using only his low quality camera and a dream. He was creating music video reviews and vlogs, which later turned into a comedy channel which acquired 10 million views. The transition to ASMR occurred when he stumbled upon a makeup application role play video meant for relaxation. Confused, he checked it out. After falling face flat asleep on the keyboard, he realized his next mission in life. 100 million video views and numerous media appearances later, he is still working on his life plan, hoping to reach out and help numerous audiences worldwide. Tony is constantly eager to do more, work harder than ever before, and make a change to impact people's way of thinking. He is ever evolving, passionate, and his goal is to ultimately alter the perception of reality through his work, in the form of art. Through the controversy of his past "reply videos" to making a huge impact in the ASMR community, this is only the beginning of what he has planned for the world. Tony not only loves helping people, but most of all he wants to be there for someone when it is their time of desperate need. He would like to be that reaching and guiding hand for anyone who may need assistance through their life struggles, and he couldn't have asked for a better purpose to be fulfilled.

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