Meditation: Properly Connecting to Source

You've heard it all before; someone tells you to meditate more because it will help you "connect". But what does connection really signify? How can we tap into this never-ending energy source of connectivity? Is it really as easy as closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and seeing things?

I am here to cut through all the sidetracked garbage and get straight to the point so you may clearly understand what meditation is all about.

There is no need to cross your legs, put your arms out to your sides on your knees, and hum or chant anything. Allow the stereotypical observation of meditation to leave your mind right now.

What meditation really is, is any connection to something greater than your understanding or current knowledge. There are energetic manifestations of thoughts produced during your connection, and you will begin to see visuals of what it is you are connecting to. Doesn't make sense? Allow me to explain further.

What you see are images of thoughts rummaging through your mind while you are practicing meditation. What ever has been on your mind lately, will be portrayed through a unique manner in random images floating through your brain. These images play like a movie and give us feelings of uplifting energy, which are produced through the exercise.

There may also be visuals of something you have long forgotten, such as a chore you had to do around the house. While you are delving deep into the mind, anything that may have slipped your mind earlier will probably come back and show itself during meditation.

Now this is crucial, because typically the point of meditation is to clear the mind and allow some of the unconscious to come through. When we connect to the energy unknown, we are seeking for answers. The whole purpose of connectivity is to find what we are looking for at that particular time. We are seeking the sensation of unity and oneness of all, and to uncover the truths which allow us to feel better as a whole.

Since the purpose of meditation is explained, here's how to access this endless energy source of knowledge to begin with!

Find any location in which you feel safe, comfortable, peaceful, and won't be distracted by anything. If you feel drawn to do this outside or in is irrelevant, so long as you feel good enough in this particular place to practice this exercise. Begin by sitting down against anywhere comfortable. The location is absolutely insignificant. If you feel alright in the place you're in, that is more than enough, as you may have to sit there for upwards of half an hour!

Start by closing your eyes and allowing your mind to wander. You may take deep breaths if you choose, but it is not essential at this stage. Acknowledge all of the ruminating thoughts, but don't take them personally or think on them too deeply. Simply allow yourself to see the images like a film playing in your head, nothing more.

When you begin seeing whatever you're thinking on while sitting in solitude, you'll begin feeling different, perhaps lighter or even light headed. Don't be alarmed during this process as it is normal to feel this way. I typically find myself feeling vertigo-like symptoms while meditating especially if it is intense and beyond my typical expectation. Every now and again you may go beyond your comfortable boundary that you place on yourself, but you should never expect what will occur as meditation is as random as the winds blowing through the air. To make this work for you, you need to let go and let the body wander through these motions.

At first, the deeper you go, the more you may begin feeling euphoric, so much so that it makes you nauseous. If this occurs, feel free to take a pause, drink a glass of cold water and continue at your own comfortable pace. Meditation is meant to be an exercise like any game or sport performed. The more it is done, the more expertise and knowledge is acquired, so that one may delve deeper into the subject to gain more.

Once you feel there are an enormous amount of thoughts coming up or you feel really warm, take a deep breath, or several. Do just enough to where you feel comfortable in your body again, and continue seeking within yourself to find more answers. This may not make any sense to you right now, but as you do this practice you'll know what I'm talking about.

You will feel the surplus connecting cord of the universe, approaching down through the crown chakra above your head. This chakra is an energetic vortex which allows access to energy from above, and will provide for you vitality, life force, wisdom, and a constant stream of energy like a cord would for an electronic device, for example. The plug will forever be accessible and there will be a tapping into this energetic force whenever you feel necessary, such as through meditation.

The higher self within us all will come into contact with the body and give visual clues to what one needs to focus on next.

When access to intense visuals and deep breathing occurs, you are in alignment with true freedom of how meditation should feel like. Let the energy flow through your body as long as necessary. My favorite sweet spot is 10 minutes, as any more time would allow you to disconnect from the world around and forget about everything in the tangible. If you wish to discover how this feels like, you should not feel afraid as fear only blocks you from accessing the higher self within.

In whichever way you meditate is irrelevant as you must always do what works best for you and your level of understanding. I am simply providing an easy accessible way one may replenish their depleted energy and fulfill their purpose through aligning with the visual exercise and seeing what is best for their plan of life. Meditation can provide answers you would not even expect you needed to see and feel, and that is the beautiful thing about it. One should meditate daily in order to truly master the art of visualization within ones self. To know yourself is to know everything around you.

Good luck.

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