Manifesting Effortless Abundance & Wealth

Ever wish you could draw in money without even trying? Are you seeking for a surprise check in the mail, to win a scratch card, or even grow your businesses? The law of attraction has been my best friend for the past few years, ever since I discovered that it works in 2012.

One day, I was a depressed mess. It was November of 2011 and I was just 16. At the time, I felt miserable inside. Nothing was going my way, neither in school, at home, or any luck in getting a part time job. I was unhappy with my life, the way I was living it, and the fact that I had $90 to my name. Yes, I was still a teenager living at home with my family, and there is not much opportunity for a minor, however I never felt like that had to be the case for me. I wanted to be successful at a young age and have everything. There was always a feeling in me that my negative situation did not have to occur. I was just making it happen for myself.

I logged into Skype to talk to my friend who I was working with at the time to try and grow my channel. She had provided me much advice and mentor-ship which I cannot repay even today or express my gratitude towards. She had mentioned a documentary called ‘The Secret’ and highly advised me to listen to it. There was no knowledge whatsoever beforehand about any of the things mentioned in the film. After witnessing it, it changed my existence for eternity. My world suddenly looked more beautiful, more alive, and I felt uplifted and more aware of my surroundings for what they really were. I was looking at the world with a wrong pair of eyes, all along.

The amount of joy that overflowed my emotions was inexplicable. I cried out of pure happiness and went to hug every one of my family and friends that I came across the next day. Smiling more, thinking only of positive thoughts, and believing in myself were key that year to my growth. I became a completely new individual, and people noticed I appeared happier and more filled with a light.

There were still times when I was out of alignment with my higher self, however once I stabilized my feelings and managed to feel the law of attraction work for me, things became even clearer. I began manifesting more. Simply said, life just began to flow easily, and massively towards me. Money is energy, so I always knew I could draw this without much effort. It is in my DNA and it is something I can create for myself, just as anyone else can, if they believe it! If you are a magnet for money, you will draw it to you. So, for example, just repeat daily, “I am magnetic to the energy of wealth, and draw it to me easily and effortlessly.” There are many exercises you can practice in the morning to start your day off right, or in your spare time.

Here is a video you may listen to while meditating, which has helped me a lot. You may even receive some ASMR from it!

Placing words into your subconscious for success can also help boost you into the life you desired all these years. Here is another video to listen to while cooking, cleaning, taking a walk, and doing mindless activity. You don’t even have to pay attention to the words being said, as it will forever enter your subconscious mind, if you choose to re-program your thought pattern, and be open and allow the universe to help you.

You can make this effortless manifestation work for anything you desire, such as a loving relationship, or manifesting your dream vacation! All you must do, is have faith that your desire will come to fruition and believe that you are fully capable of receiving. Never ever have a number which limits your mind to a ceiling, and never speak words which do not serve the purpose of fulfilling your wish. Share with the world only words in which are pertinent to your situation, and do not associate with that which only brings your vibration down.

There are plenty of motivational speakers you may listen to in your free time, such as Abraham Hicks. Everyone overall states similar realities, however there are an abundance of information to learn from these light workers.

“If there is a will, there is a way.” Have no fear, for that which you want, that which you need, will come to you regardless. It is the inevitable. There is nothing you may do to stop this action of God. Your will is always answered, and they are always listening. Never forget this.

Most important of all, never block yourself further by holding on to that which you were gifted. Give with love and you shall forever receive abundantly. Once you work day to day on your goals, ideas for helping you get to where you need to be in life will just come to you without much effort.

You no longer must work day in and out to receive what you please. If you meditate, visualize that which you already have/want, then it will come. The only effort you need to place, is in programming your brain into believing this newfound wisdom which is there to serve you. Know entirely in your heart that this works, and you will make it work for yourself as well. You are fully capable, and deep inside you know that you are. There are other methods I like to use to help this system of belief work for me, but I will share them in another blog post, as I don’t like to give away too much information in one sitting.

Looking back, I can confidently say that my past methods have worked for me to garner whatever it is I desired. I have managed to effortlessly manifest money, relationships, friendships, meeting great people, getting business offers, and moving to locations which were perfect for my divine right. Most of these things just happened to come along with that which I was trying to manifest all along, because the powerful intent of my will drew in these people and situations which overall helped me get to where I needed to be right now. Always remember, you will still have to put in some physical effort into making your goals happen. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as your mind may think. The word “hard” is a creation of man and does not have to exist in this realm. It only appears if you believe it to.

Best of luck to you workers of the light. May all your success come instantly and for eternity, as everyone has the right to achieve anything by divine law.

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