Finding Happiness & Inner Alignment

To start this blog off, I wanted to share a video I have recently made regarding happiness. It goes in depth about how I find myself to be happy at times, what makes me feel happy nowadays and my overall viewpoint of life thus far. Compared to an older video of mine, I find it fascinating to see the vast distance in resemblance between the two videos. Take a look for yourself and you will see how quickly perspectives can change in only a manner of five years!

Once you realize that happiness is a choice, and you may choose to shift your vibrations at any moment, it will be critical to study yourself and be aware of how you're feeling at all times. Emotions like anger and frustration eat our organs gradually and often, we do it to ourselves, and choose to feel this way (most time with no regard to our own health)! If this doesn't scare you into being mindful then I don't know what will! Most disease of the body is caused by a negative feeling such as resentment.

Disease overall just means dis-ease of the body. You are, in the literal sense, feeling not at ease. This kind of discomfort will do damage in the long run, so if you want to prevent aging or "decay" any time soon, avoid some of these emotions which are bad for you:

  • Jealousy

  • Resentment

  • Bitterness

  • Envy

  • Anger

  • Frustration

  • Sadness

  • Sorrow

  • Guilt

  • Spite

  • Malice

  • Any emotion, even positive, in excess and/or obsessively

  • This may or may not include ailments such as depression or types of mental illness, but feelings of these depressive emotions in the long run may cause negative effects on the body's organs.

People are usually not that self-aware or analytical, to study and observe their behavior and how they react to the world. Every emotion triggers us to behave a certain way, which causes an effect which affects something else in our lives. Everything has a never ending chain reaction and sometimes we have to be aware of how we are feeling. The reason we should, is because we are powerful beings. You make such a difference in this world and need to realize your worth if you haven't already!

Everyone is connected in some way, and if you choose to shout atop the mountains or smile at the sun, every sensation you are feeling makes a change on Earth. It is not pertinent as to how big or small of a change you make, as long as you are living and breathing, you will continue to make an impact. The irrelevancy is chasing the waterfalls of an illusion. You may see the rainbow in front of the falling waters, but the rainbow is just that, an illusion. You approach the water and reach your arm out into it, feeling nothing but water. The rainbow which you once perceived to be, is only light. You once before saw yourself as nothing, but didn't realize that you were part of the light all along.

What I mean is, overall the dream you once chased growing up is probably no longer within sight, but only because you were going after something that probably didn't exist, or at least existed in your younger self. I cannot even remember how many wild dreams I've had growing up. Looking back, I do realize why time heals everything and shows you what you are really missing, and needing to look forward to. The past illusions are no longer relevant to my existence, and I choose not to focus on them any longer.

To achieve alignment within yourself, you must realize what I have just said, compare it to your experience on Earth, and see what it is you need to let go of, and what you need to take with you on your journey. Once you let go of the things you realize are only a rainbow illusion, you will begin to feel aligned to the path of not only inner peace and happiness, but a fulfilled purpose within your life which you never experienced before.

Try this meditation if you need an extra boost throughout your day:

ASMR has helped with finding my alignment and purpose in so many ways, even beyond what relaxation videos do. I have found that inner peace which cannot be found by simply making videos. You have to dig beneath the facade of the surface and explore yourself truly, like peeling an onion. To know yourself, is really the greatest blessing on Earth, for you have eternal peace with this newfound knowledge and self awareness. To know thyself is to know all. Once you discover where you come from, and where you go when your time is done here, it is the greatest peace and knowing of all. Many people come to this planet to spread their light among others, and do nothing more, as that is their only task. If you can manage to figure out why you are here, there is nothing else you need to do but focus on your task, for you will know what to do and to expect a loving return home for your soul.

Part of this awareness has helped me achieve my desired fulfillment, as I am an analytical Virgo who loves to venture into the unknown worlds of information. I am surprised my endless curiosity hasn't killed me by now, and I still haven't quenched my thirst to know more! So long as I continue having this vitality my energy will never die within, and my fire will continue to burn bright regardless of opinion, for it is just that, an opinion. To judge someone is to judge yourself, as we are a part of one another on separate destinies. We choose how we feel, remember? Choose to love your fellow humankind, for they are a part of the incredible road ahead as you are. We all meet at the intersection when it's over, but venture off into various paths. Do not judge their journey for they are learning like you. Until we reach to the all mighty, no one shall know the true meaning of life, but we can try and figure it out while we are here. This mystery alone makes me excited and looking forward to all that is to come in the next several years.

Life is a maze. Venture and explore your purpose.

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